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05/15/2019. When first logging into ServiceNow as an admin, it can be a bit overwhelming. To narrow this down, you can "favorite" a few key filters to focus in on what's important. Simply go to the All Applications Tab and STAR a filter that works best for you as shown below: My favorite filters are My Groups Work - Active and Closed. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of an Ansible role, view Ansible Roles. Using the ansible-galaxy command line tool that comes bundled with Ansible, you can create a role with the init command. For example, the following will create a role directory structure called test-role-1 in the current working directory: $ ansible-galaxy init test. By default, set to BHIP_Webhook. ITSM_HelpDesk_Qualifier: Qualifiers to add conditions to the Webhook to define urgency filters for incidents for which an incident should be created in ServiceNow. You can use qualifiers like =, !=, and so on. Urgency type values include: 1-Critical, 2-High, 3-Medium,4-Low. The default value is set to.
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